We have learned what marketing works best for roofing contractors.

After 6 years of helping roofers, we also know the Return on Investment for various forms of advertising. Choose us to lower your cost per lead.

Advertising Strategy

For roofers in Denver or anywhere in hail zones the goal is to get homeowners to call or email you asking for a quote or inspection. The strategy is to target advertising to areas that have been hit by bad hail storms in the last month, or last year. Local TV commercials (:30 & :15), radio commercials, and Newspaper ads reach the whole market and are not efficient unless the whole town has been hit. They are great media for building a brand image. If only part of a city has been hit by hail, it is better to use advertising that targets the damaged homes.

Canvassers still work, but homeowners hate dealing with door-to-door sales reps.

Advertising mediums

Here are the advertising vehicles and media that can be targeted well to reach certain geographic targets.

  • Google AdWords
  • PPC ads Bing & Yahoo
  • PPC animated banner ads
  • Bus stop posters or bus benches
  • Transit ads on local buses
  • Suburban newspapers
  • Direct mail
  • Zoned cable TV commercials
  • Ads in HOA newsletters
  • Outdoor (billboards)

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