Business to Business advertising has gone digital

Advertising will bring in warm leads and help your sales team set more appointments

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B2B marketing grabs warm leads for your sales teams to follow-up.

Industrial businesses, manufacturers, machine shops, commercial roofers, IT companies, and all sorts of businesses are using modern digital marketing to grab new clients, customers, sales, and market share. These companies used to rely on a sales team alone to bring in new accounts. Now they embrace internet marketing to bring in leads. Listed below are the common methods we use for B2B marketing.

These campaigns normally include marketing automation. It is easy for different email responses to trigger different types and schedules of emails until the prospect sets a meeting with your company.

Firms like Hubspot and Marketo have refined content marketing and 93% of B2B companies use this method. You write white papers, ebooks, articles, stage webinars,and create infographics that your prospects would like to download. In exchange for the content  prospects give you their email address and name. This is the BEST way to market your firm, but it is the slowest and most expensive. You need to have an employee or team to write the content each week.

Your company needs to have a company profile page on LinkedIn. To build your reputation and interest with prospects, you post informative articles. To expand your audience we pay to have posts promoted by LinkedIn to specific industries and specific job titles. You can also buy text ads on LinkedIn similar to Google AdWords.

Running print ads in trade journals or the Thomas Register still works. Now you also run display/banner ads on the websites of these publications like and

Pay Per Click text ads on the search engines reach your prospects when they are buying or researching a purchase. When prospects are searching for your goods or services they often search on Google, Bing & Yahoo. You can run Text ads that appear on the search results page. If they click your ad to go to your landing page on your website, then you pay for the click-through.


Your prospects are searching for your products or services on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If you do not want to run ads, then you want to have your company show up on the first page of Google search results. This takes months of fine tuning your website and posting new content on the internet. But once you hit the first page of search results for particular phrases, they usually will click through to your website at extra cost to you.

Digital advertising usually sends prospects to a landing page on your website. You need a website that is responsive so it looks great on every device. Your website needs to load fast, look great, and take names. By that we mean your website needs to generate leads. It should be a profit center, not an expense. If you have sign-up forms that appear too early, or require 6 pieces of information, prospects will skip them. We can redesign your website so it converts visitors into leads or customers.

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