We build better websites

We build websites in WordPress and then train you how to edit your own website.

8 Reasons Why You Get a Better Website from Erickson Digital

Erickson Digital rebuilds and redesigns websites for all kinds of businesses; retail stores, industrial companies, entertainment sites, ministries, and services.

  1. Search Engine Optimization. We incorporate your Keywords into every nook and cranny of you site, to raise your Google Rank.
  2. Design that Inspires Action. Our sites are visually appealing but designed to generate actions and leads.
  3. Skilled Copywriting. Your content will be as persuasive as the TV and Radio copy we write.
  4. Programming Versatility. We can develop in Worpress with PHP, or HTML5, or XHTML. We use Javascript and XML, among others.
  5. Adaptability. Most of our sites are designed to reshape for smartphones and iPads. We convert animations to Javascript or HTML5.
  6. Solid Communication. If you’ve ever built a website, you know how important it is to have strong partner relationships. We listen and respond in a timely manner, and manage client projects diligently.
  7. E-commerce Expertise. Creating online stores can be very difficult. We try to simplify the process for both us and our clients. The final site has a dashboard for the client to make changes and track inventory.
  8. Landing Page Integration. If you want, we will build landing pages that have similar looks and feels as your main website.

Go to our Gallery page to see come of our work.

A redesigned website for After The Game Ministries