Traditional advertising builds brands

We can help you with media planning, buying, copywriting, and production.


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  • Print ads
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  • Transit ads

Advertising is essential for most companies

Yet many fail to budget the 3 to 10 percent needed

We have all seen companies do well for a period of time without advertising, but when the competition heats up they keep losing market share until they file bankruptcy and sell the inventory to a liquidator. Then the Liquidator comes in with massive advertising in all media, and they sell-out the inventory in a short period of time.

All types of advertising work. But each media has strengths and weaknesses. Different industries have different budget percentages. A young service company might budget 10% of adjusted gross income (after cost of sales). Another established car dealer might budget $200 per car sold the previous month. The most common budget is 4% of sales.  Let Erickson Digital put a media plan together to meet your goals and your budget. We know what works. Check out our individual media pages and our digital advertising options. Then call us for a free 30 minute consultation about your advertising.